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Family Law


Vigilant Protectors of Your Family’s Interests

Each family’s case is different and brings unique challenges.  At Locke & Witte, our skilled Family Law attorneys determine the best course for settling each case through mediation or effective litigation for the best possible settlement.  Our Fort Wayne, Indiana Lawyers provide superior legal services on the following family law matters:

  • Divorce or Dissolution of a Marriage
    When a marriage is legally terminated, you want to be informed of your legal options and to have experienced guidance to protect your rights and assets.
  • Child Custody
    This means the right to make major decisions affecting a child’s life or physical custody—the actual possession and control of the child—or both.  Joint custody means either joint legal custody, or joint physical custody, or both.
  • Child Support
    Both parents equally share a duty to support their children.  The award of support is based on monetary need and ability to pay.  Sometimes situations change regarding the needs of the children or the ability to pay and agreements must be modified.  The amount of support necessary is a difficult matter to settle and often includes court-ordered payments until the child reaches 18.  Physical and legal custody of a child is addressed by a court during divorce proceedings or by family court.  Our Fort Wayne family lawyers can protect your child’s interests.
  • Adoption
    This is a proceeding where the legal relationship between biological parents and child is terminated and a new legal relationship between adoptive parents and same child is established.  The decision to adopt can be both exciting and stressful. Our Fort Wayne attorneys can provide advice and counsel to alleviate your worries.

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