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Arrest Records

Beginning July 1, 2011, a person charged with a crime may petition a court to restrict disclosure of arrest records related to the arrest if the person:  (1) is not prosecuted or if charges against the person are dismissed; (2) is acquitted of all criminal charges; or (3) is convicted of the crime and the conviction is […]

Synthetic Cannabinoid

The Indiana Legislature has made the possession, manufacture, or delivery of a synthetic cannibinoid or salvia equivalent to the possession, manufacture, or delivery of marijuana.  Synthetic cannibinoids or salvia are commonly known as “Spice.”  A first time offense is a class A misdemeanor.  However, it is a class D felony for a second offense or […]

Texting While Driving

Indiana House Bill 1129 makes it a class C infraction to use a telecommunications device to type, transmit, or read a text message or electronic mail message while operating a motor vehicle. There are exceptions but reading your facebook page is not one of them.

Bankruptcy Fraud

In order to avoid bankruptcy fraud, it is important that you disclose all of your assets and debts regardless of value or whether you intend to repay the debt.  In the article “What Lenny Dykstra Can Teach You About The Perils Of Bankruptcy Fraud” you can see the consequences when you do not disclose your assets in […]

Knock and Announce

The Indiana Supreme Court ruled today that police officers serving a warrant are not required to knock and announce themselves before entering a home if exigent circumstances justify it.

Alcohol on Sundays

Indiana is one of two remaining states to ban alcohol on Sundays after Georgia voters decide to allow for alcohol sales on Sundays. Connecticut is the other state.