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Fort Wayne Criminal Law Attorneys


Conviction on criminal charges in the State of Indiana changes your life forever.  Being convicted of a crime means that:

  • Your freedom and employment options are restricted
  • You face expensive fines
  • You acquire a criminal record

If you face criminal charges in the Fort Wayne area, you need to hire a Fort Wayne criminal lawyer as soon as possible. Not just any criminal lawyer can do. You need one who knows the ropes in Indiana, someone who is thoroughly familiar with local laws, local law enforcement figures, and the nuances of the local court system.  Locke & Witte, criminal defense lawyers, is your ideal source for legal representation.

Reasons to hire a Fort Wayne criminal attorney

By hiring Fort Wayne criminal attorneys, you are assured of having someone on your side who can deal effectively with judges, prosecuting attorneys, police, and witnesses. You also gain access to someone who knows the subtleties of the Fort Wayne courts. Every court system has elements that only a local attorney knows, and we at Locke & Witte know those of Fort Wayne very well indeed.

An experienced Fort Wayne criminal law attorney takes the time to understand your case, and to determine how the finer points of criminal law apply to it. Fort Wayne criminal law attorneys have access to resources that laypeople do not, such as investigators and expert witnesses who can aid your defense.

Our criminal lawyers can guide you through such complex legal proceedings as:

  • Entering a plea
  • Attending a hearing
  • Retaining bond
  • Preparing testimony
  • Finding witnesses
  • Evaluating evidence

Negotiating a solution

Fort Wayne criminal lawyers negotiate with prosecuting attorneys to reduce or dismiss the charges against you. Your criminal defense law firm knows these prosecutors and how they operate and has experience working with them. An attorney can advise you what to do if a plea bargain or a reduced sentence is offered.

Should your case end up going to trial, your attorney can:

  • Select a legal strategy
  • Review all evidence against you
  • Seek to dismiss any charges that are unfair, unproven, or inadmissible in the state of Indiana

An experienced criminal attorney in Fort Wayne can help you approach the Indiana court system with confidence.

Contact our criminal lawyers in Fort Wayne

If you face a criminal charge, contact Locke & Witte, the criminal law attorneys in Fort Wayne at 1-260-424-1333. Remember, the law restricts the time you have to take legal action, so do so immediately.